Membrane filters - air and gas separation membranes and membranes modules

GENERON® is one of the only companies that manufactures their own membranes® and offers the option to purchase a standalone filter, as well as package into custom state-of the art engineered packages. With over 100 patented technologies, GENERON® is dedicated to providing cutting edge solutions and products.

In addition to our GENERON® Membrane Systems, we offer a variety of sizes of Nitrogen, Dehydration and Process Gas  standalone membranes®.
We can meet any flow demand and environment for most applications.




GENERON® membrane filters provide higher volumetric flow performance, which in turn reduces system footprint and lowers initial CAPEX.

GENERON® membranes also provide higher selectivity, yielding higher hydrocarbon recovery and lowering OPEX.

GENERON® Membrane Module – Video

GENERON ISO 9000, ASME, PED, GOST and UL 508A/CSA-C22.2 certified manufacturing facilities and plants in Texas and California ensure the highest-standard products on the market.

Please contact our professional engineering team in Pittsburg, California for more details regarding Standalone Ship Loose Membranes and Filters:
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