Gas Separation & Gas Conditioning

GENERON‘s core focus has been in the air & gas separation industry, providing nitrogen and oxygen generators, using PSA (pressure swing adsorption) technology since the 1970’s, and the patented and proprietary membrane technology, developed by Dow Chemical since the 1980’s. GENERON‘s® industry leading technologies provide solutions that convert by-products, to high-value commodities that meet the evolving demands of industry and compliance mandates. Traditional processes are applied as well as new separation processes, including chemical absorption, desiccant adsorption and refrigeration systems.

Producers face challenges of integration, processing, efficiency and feedstock availability. GENERON focuses on these issues, while exploring refining and petrochemical integration and alternate feedstocks routes. We also support existing producers with upgrades and retrofits to improve efficiency and safety.

GENERON® offers a variety of gas processing products which are uniquely designed and manufactured to meet customer expectations. GENERON prides itself in providing complete solutions to its client. We provide detailed engineering and designs, custom manufacturing, as well as process guarantees on all our systems. GENERON‘s certified and trained team provides after-sales and service support for maintenance and spare parts. Contact our service department for information regarding our maintenance and service programs.

GENERON designs, manufactures, commissions and tests all of our systems and products in one of our two ISO 9000, ASME, PED, GOST and UL/CSA certified facilities in Houston, TX or Pittsburg, CA. Our systems upgrade low or high energy gas streams produced on locations including: industrial and chemical plants, landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and industrial digesters. Our options offer add-on CO-Generation and CO2 recovery and separation systems.

In addition to providing gas separation systems, GENERON also packages gas compressors, blowers and manufacturers ASME pressure vessels.


Process Gas Separation – Video

We are able to meet our client’s needs, whether it is for natural gas treatment to meet pipeline gas or fuel gas specifications or hydrogen or helium recovery systems requiring ultra pure product gas.

Features such as simple operation, proven reliability, minimal space requirements, and low cost have made GENERON the preferred vendor for many major applications.

For more information please contact us at +1.713.937.5211 or using our online form.