Membrane Dryers - Dehydration Membranes

GENERON provides a full range of Instrument Air Packages. These packages can be unitized with Primary Air Compression to reduce the overall package size and installation cost and time. GENERON® systems are compact and virtually maintenance free.

The compressed air, saturated with water vapor, flows through a bundle of GENERON® hollow-fibers. GENERON®Membranes allow water vapor to pass while the air remains and discharged as a dry product. A fraction of the dry air is redirected internally to sweep the permeated water vapor out of the module.

GENERON® Membrane Dryers perform with the lowest purge air loss for the highest possible efficiency-saving you time and money in the production process.


  • Remote Operation
  • Custom Controls and Automation
  • Suitable for all Environments
  • Factory Testing and On-Site Start-Up Training
  • Onshore and Offshore Applications
  • Low pressure drop, 2-3 psig
  • No CFCs, compressors and heat exchanges to maintain
  • No moving parts
  • Adjustable dew point to -40°F (-40°C)
  • No desiccant replacement required

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