Marine and Offshore PSA Nitrogen Generator | Pressure Swing Adsorption | On-Site Nitrogen

  • Designed for minimal footprint requirements, space savings of 37%.
  • Designed for minimal height requirements, space savings of 30%.
  • Applications include FNLG, FPSOs, Platforms & anywhere high purity nitrogen is needed.

Offshore PSA

GENERON‘s® Nitrogen Marine Series PSA Generators are engineered and designed to meet the stringent demands of the Oil & Gas Markets. The Nitrogen Marine PSA process consists of multiple individual Twin Tower Adsorber Vessels operating on alternating cycles. By utilizing this sequential operation of the individual PSAs, the requirement of large buffer tanks is eliminated from the process.

GENERON® Marine PSA System Capabilities
Purities From 95% up to 99.999%
Input Pressures Up to 150 psig (10.3 barg)
Product Flows Up to 374,550 SCFH (9,850 Nm3/hr)
Product Pressures Up to 120 psig (8.3 barg)