Environmental Solutions

GENERON’s 40+ year history in the industry makes us the ideal choice for your waste-to-value business.

We offer innovative custom solutions using GENERON® Membranes, adsorption and compression, in skid or containerized packages relating to Biomethane, Flare Gas, or Syngas applications. We’re currently applying our gas upgrading and processing systems in the following markets and in the process of developing more efficient solutions.

• Anaerobic Digester Methane Recovery
• Coal Mine Methane Recovery
• Compressed Gas Vehicle Fuel Sub-systems
• Landfill Gas (Methane) Recovery
• Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Pre-Treatment
• Siloxane Removal for Electricity Generation
• Vapor Recovery Units
• Waste Water Treatment Plant Methane Recovery
• Wellhead Natural & Associated Gas Purification

GENERON designs, manufactures, commissions and tests all of our systems and products in our ISO 9000, ASME, PED, GOST and UL 508A & CSA-C22.2 certified facilities and shops in Houston, TX and Pittsburg, CA. Our systems upgrade low or high energy gas streams produced at locations including landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and industrial digesters. Commonly, the upgraded gas can be injected into the natural gas pipeline grid, used on-site as vehicle fuel, or converted to secondary products such as methanol. All options can offer up to 100% utilization of the heating value, with add on CO-Generation and CO2 recovery systems.

The waste-to-value benefits extend beyond environ- mental concerns, as the net profits derived from the off-take agreements provide business a significant revenue stream. Whether your methane business is in Biogas or Natural Gas, GENERON has a solution for you.

ACFM and Houston Compression Services, both wholly owned GENERON Companies, are also authorized packager’s of: GE High Speed Reciprocating Compressors, Ariel, RIX, Gardner Denver, HyComp, Hll, Haskel, Bauer, Sauer, Corken, LMF, and SIAD. We have skid-packaged compressors with heat exchangers and controls for use as feed compressors, product compressors, and flaring systems.